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Meet Your Coach
Deven Franklin


Sports has been an integral part of my life. It created the competitive drive in me to win. At times, I would have to coach up my teammates so that we could get closer to achieving our goals of winning. It was in those moments I discovered that I enjoyed coaching. I never thought that coaching could also apply off the field of competition as well. As I got older, I noticed that friends, family members, and even strangers would comment on how well I gave advice. I found myself really enjoying pouring into others, offering words of support, encouragement, providing guidance, and helping people find direction as they navigate challenging situations in their life.

In 2019, my life was completely turned upside down. I was just barely married with a young child. Yet, I found myself in a separation from my then wife, heading for a divorce, and legally unable to see my children (she was pregnant with our second son at the time we separated). My world was imploding. Things seemed to continue to go from bad to worse in every aspect of my life. It was so surreal because I never thought my life would take such an unexpected course.

Through my faith, and with support of my close friends, and family I rebounded. I knew that if I was going through all that hell, there had to be a greater reason. As I managed each obstacle people would say, “I don’t think I could ever get through a situation like that”. I often heard comments being made about how well I was handling the most embarrassing, horrifying, and disappointing time of my life. As more people learned about my troubles they would ask for advice. This helped me to embrace my story and it created a drive to be a safe space for others that may need a source of support during a time of confusion in their life.

I now take joy in “Coaching my Athletes” to win in the game of life.

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