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Coaching Services

Focused on Family provides different packages to help you meet your individual needs. All packages include a Pre-Coaching Assessment, and Life tools and skills reinforcement to help reinforce coaching points. These packages can be paid upfront for an additional 5% discount. We offer a 30 minute consultation for $30. Please utilize the Contact Us form and let us know where you want to start.

All services are provided via phone or video platform.

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Single Coaching Session

A Single Session is for those individuals that have a new singular goal to reach or desire a quick session to address a prior goal. This is also beneficial for those that are new to coaching and want to get a feel for how it works.

Sessions: $60

Month to Month Coaching

Our Month to Month option allows for individuals that desire more constant coaching while pushing towards their goals. Each individual is able to re-evaluate their needs at the end of each month. This option provides weekly sessions for 4 weeks.

Package: $200

Quarterly Coaching

Our Quarterly Coaching option is for individuals that have more than one goal that will take some time to obtain. This is optimal for those individuals that want the benefits of a long term coaching plan. This option allows for 7 sessions in 13 weeks. 

Package: $310

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